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CENTERFORCE clutch systems are designed with the diverse needs of the customer, or end user in mind. Because of these diverse needs, Centerforce Clutch Systems offers a multilevel line of clutch kits and clutch products to meet the requirements of a wide range of vehicles and their intended uses. To obtain the proper system, it is extremely important to completely qualify and verify the vehicle, not only by its make and model year, but also "define" its intended use. A stock vehicle used for commuting to and from the work place has an entirely different requirement than a "high performance" vehicle driven at the extreme of its capabilities, and sometimes beyond!

Having a Centerforce clutch in your vehicle is like having two clutches. Why? The Centerforce clutch uses a unique system of weights to apply more pressure to your Centerforce clutch as RPMs increase. That means your Centerforce clutch has more holding power without being harder to release. If you have a high-performance car, a Centerforce clutch kit should be putting the power to the ground for you. Running anything from a lightly-modified stock vehicle on up to a full-blown race car? The you must know you have to get the power from your engine to your wheels in the most efficient way possible. The weak link in the chain relies on the clutch. Stock clutches aren't designed to handle the increased friction loads that hot cars present, and before long, you're smelling a clutch replacement. Now is the time to upgrade to a Centerforce Clutch.

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The Centerforce Clutch is a power of two clutches built into one with its unique system of weights that apply more pressure to the Centerforce Clutch as RPM increases. It means that the Centerforce Clutch has more holding power without being hard to release.

Your engine produces centrifugal force in bulk, but doesn’t really use it. Sure, that rotation is translated into torque and horsepower too. But why not get some use out of that centrifugal force if your flywheel is going to be spinning anyways, right? That is what a Centerforce Clutch is for. Like the Centerforce Pressure Plate and Centerforce Throwout Bearing, the Centerforce Clutch utilizes an absolutely unique design whereby weights spin outward as engine speed increases. This makes the Centerforce Clutch to clamp down on the clutch plate with a tremendous amount of pressure, without the need for paying the price of a sore left leg.

The Centerforce Clutch uses the same torque transfer properties as other clutches equipped with heavy-duty springs but achieve it with a lot lesser pedal pressure. It is widely available for almost any applications so check it out now to see which fit yours. Get a Centerforce Pressure Plate, Centerforce Clutch and Centerforce Throwout Bearing and get that extreme clutch experience without extreme workout and pressure.

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