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From stock to outrageous, there's an Exedy clutch that's designed for your application. Exedy clutch components are made to withstand whatever you can throw at them: That's how the folks at Exedy clutch like to build them. When the revs are up and you drop the pedal, make sure there's an Exedy clutch kit between your motor and tranny.

Want to boost your car's performance? Get the latest Exedy Clutch Kit now! Designed to perform more effectively than an OE clutch in all possible ways, you won't regret having this breakthrough in autoparts technology.

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The Exedy Clutch Kit involves the latest developments in pressure plate, friction plate and throwout bearing design. One of the top OEMs for Japanese and US-built manual transmission vehicles, there's an Exedy clutch part for your particular car and driving style. Automakers choose the Exedy Clutch for their clutch needs for they want only top-notch products when building a car to avoid warranty claims. With an Exedy Clutch Kit, you can never go wrong.

You have various options if you're interested in the Exedy clutch kit. For instance, if your motor puts out mega-potent horsepower, you can check out the new dual-plate Exedy Clutch Kit that comes with multiple friction plates to transfer more power. If your motor's power is moderate to high, the triplate Exedy Clutch Kit with a metallic disc and friction materials may suit you better. Also, there is a stock OE Exedy Clutch Kit that provides you additional clamping forces without increasing pedal loads or flywheel wear.

Your Exedy clutch kit comes with three components: the disc, pressure plate and release bearing. Each has aftermarket replacement parts that are available for most domestic and import vehicles on the road. But that's not all! The Exedy clutch kit can match or beat competitors' prices. So what are you waiting for? Order the Exedy Clutch Kit with the Exedy Flywheel and the Exedy Performance Clutch right now to achieve that higher-performance driving.

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