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Transfer Cases San Antonio | Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop has the experience and knowledge to repair and service your vehicles transfer case. The professional expert mechanics at Sergeant Clutch understand how your transfer case works.

If you own an AWD All Wheel Drive vehicle, 4x4 pickup truck or sport utility vehicle (SUV) that features four wheel drive, your drive train includes a transfer case. Today’s four wheel drive automobile is much more complex than years ago.

Did you know if your automobile is 4x4 or AWD the transfer case is always working. Many 4x4 and AWD drivers think that if they don’t use the 4x4 transfer case option that no wear and tear is being done inside the transfer case. The truth is the transfer case is operating just as much as the transmission.

Your vehicle’s transfer case 4x4 system needs the fluid changed regularly. Changing the transfer case fluid is especially important when your vehicle is used for off road driving or towing.

When you have Transfer Case problems or just need maintenance Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop offers a complete line of Transfer Case Maintenance Services, Minor and Major Repairs.


      Sergeant Clutch Certified Engine & Transmission Repair Shop offers:

      • New Transfer Cases

      • Rebuilt Transfer Cases
      • Reman Transfer Cases

      • Used Transfer Cases

      • Transfer Case Maintenance Services

      • Transfer Case Fluid Change

      • Transfer Case Reseal

      • Transfer Case Minor Repair

      • Transfer Case Overhaul

      • Transfer Case Rebuild

      • Performance Transfer Case Service

      • Heavy Duty Transfer Case Service

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