Car Tune Up & Truck Tune Ups - San Antonio, Texas

Check Engine Light On? When your vehicle gives you problems rely on our expert mechanics to diagnose the problems quickly. We will take the time to properly diagnose any drivability problems and inform you of your tune up repair options.

Did you know one mechanical failure can cause your vehicle to shut down and lack power? Many problems can be solved or avoided by regular tune up maintenance.  

Get your vehicle checked and inspected at the first sign of trouble. Your vehicles engine is made up of hundreds of complex parts all working together to ensure that your automobile starts and performs properly.

Over time these parts wear out resulting in loss of performance and fuel economy. Clogged fuel injectors, dirty air filter, dirty fuel filter, worn out motor oil, cracked spark plug wires and corroded spark plugs can all contribute to decreased gas mileage and engine performance. By having your automobiles engine tuned up will make the engine easier to start, improve fuel economy, lower emissions and restore lost engine performance power.

Sergeant Clutch has high standards for each tune up repair service to ensure you receive the best possible job. We believe that quality repair service, affordable prices and good customer service can turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer. We feel confident that you will be completely satisfied with the job we do.

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